Tara Rehbein


Tara has always been drawn to music and began piano and voice lessons at the age of seven, adding in alto saxophone, mallet percussion, violin, guitar, recorder, and brass instruments. A graduate of Marion High School, she received her bachelors of Music Education for Choral Music at Belmont University in Nashville TN. Tara completed her student teaching at Nashville School of the Arts High School and Glendale Elementary School. During her husband's service in the military, Tara has taught privately, hosted student recitals, directed boys and girls club, volunteered as a director of middle school choir, taught preschool children, and remained actively serving in music ministry. Since her family has returned to Southern Illinois, Tara has begun homeschooling as a Mom of four, worked at FM 104.5 WBVN, remains actively serving in her church's music ministry and is now teaching Musikgarten classes and offering these classes to preschool age children and beyond. 
Tara describes herself as a lifelong learner of music and loves encouraging others to share the gift of music unafraid. She has seen the healing power of music in life and advocates for the importance of music education, especially beginning at the earliest age possible, believing that music is an intelligence to be developed in our brains, touching every other subject in our intelligence in it's growth as well as being a language that can transcend the barriers of communication and directly touch each and every heart.

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