Market Street Music Conservatory offers piano lessons to players of all ages and skill levels.  From Pre-Piano classes to classes for adults to private lessons for ages 6 and older.  

Piano instruction fosters a lifelong love of piano playing by emphasizing proper technique, expression, note reading, rhythms, theory and improvisation all within the setting you prefer, private or group instruction.

Prep Piano Classes

Prep piano classes are offered for ages 4-6.  Students will experience a comprehensive approach to musical learning while using the piano.  This traditional approach emphasizes note reading, rhythm, creative expression, and activities and games on and off the bench. 

Music Makers At the Keyboard

This  group piano teaching method for young beginners features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for keyboard success.  The program features an aural approach to music learning and teaching piano, building on songs children have come to love.  This provides a natural pathway to reading music while building a much-loved piano repertoire.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered for 30, 45, or 60 minutes lengths.  (Approval and recommendation from instructor is needed for 45 and 60 minutes).  Lessons are available for in-person or Zoom.  

In addition to weekly private lessons, the study plan also includes regular group classes each quarter.  All students (not including Zoom students) will participate in group lessons.  During group weeks the group class will take the place of the private lesson. See the calendar for group lesson weeks.  Times will be scheduled by the instructor.  The classes are grouped by students of similar age and/or level and provide a social environment for group activities that include music theory related games, ear training, ensemble playing, rhythm activities and creative expression.  Students will also have opportunity to perform for each other in an informal setting.  There is no additional charge for extra time on group weeks.

Piano Calendar


9/12 First Quarter begins (11 weeks)

10/8 MSMC Fall Fest

10/10 & Piano Group Weeks

11/2 No Lessons on 11/24

        Thursday Groups meet on Monday this week only

11/19 Youth Choir Concert

11/20 Recitals for private lessons

11/ 28 Make Up Week for First Quarter


12/5 Second Quarter begins (11 weeks)

12/19- 12/31 Winter Holiday Break

2/19 Youth Choir Concert

1/16 & 2/20 Piano Group Weeks

2/25 & 26 Recitals for Private Lessons

3/6 Make Up Week for Second Quarter


3/13 Third Quarter begins (11 weeks)

4/10 & 5/15 Piano Group Weeks 

5/7 Youth Choir Concert

5/21 Recitals for private lessons

5/29 Make Up Week for Third Quarter


6/5 Summer Quarter begins (8 weeks)


Tuition for weekly 30-minute private lessons is $330 for an 11-week term.  Extended lesson times and tuition rates can be arranged with the instructor. Tuition will be prorated for students enrolling after the term has begun.  Please see the Student Policies page located in the Information and Policies section for the payment schedule and a discount opportunity!

Piano Faculty

April Camden Mitter, M.Mus.

"It is my goal that each of my students develop, not only the skills needed to be an accomplished pianist, but most importantly, to develop a love of music that will be with them for a lifetime."

Rachel Scholes

“I live in music like a fish lives in water.” - Camille Saint-Saens

 Jace Kim

Disciplines offered 

Early Childhood



Visual Arts

Youth Choir



Meet the Faculty

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